The Ynobe Brand has now served over 300 clients in 15 different industries and produced over 1,500 pieces of copy that successfully increased brand awareness, conversion rates, and sales revenue.

The Ynobe Brand/Ynobe Publishing, LLC was founded in 2013 by Self-Published Author, Digital Marketing Expert, and Copywriter Ebony C. The brand is now evolving into Ynobe Global – offering worldwide Digital Marketing services.

Ebony discovered her passion for writing which led to freelance technical writing and ultimately freelance copywriting after obtaining a degree in Computer Software, serving in the US Army, and developing a successful career in IT.

Armed with a strong software background in addition to a content/digital marketing passion, Ebony chose to follow her heart and pursue copywriting and marketing even harder than before. She worked for a marketing agency part-time for the last few years of her IT career to become a more experienced copywriter – then took the initiative to start a business of her own. 

Her passion, ambition, and newfound purpose in Digital Marketing took a full-time role with The Ynobe Brand/Ynobe Publishing, LLC. She set herself apart with fast project turnaround times, an eye for leveraging cutting-edge technology, and unique content that quickly propelled marketing campaigns to surpass conversion and revenue goals. 

Now, Ebony - the solopreneur and founder of The Ynobe Brand/Ynobe Publishing, LLC is SEO Certified, Content Marketing Certified, Digital Marketing Certified, and Blockchain Technology Management Certified. She currently studies screenwriting, enjoys writing poetry, local restaurants, hiking and traveling as hobbies... and is extremely excited about contributing to the Web3 evolution with her NFT collection and welcoming businesses into new levels of success with her Prompt Engineering experience.



The Ynobe Brand mission is to provide businesses and brands with results-driven content marketing strategies that maintain audience engagement while consistently increasing lead generation through the latest technological advancements. 


Utilize Web3 as the foundation of innovative marketing strategies that will create a bridge between the physical and digital worlds to reach untapped audiences and deliver a better consumer experience.


The work of The Ynobe Brand is driven by a commitment to be of service to others with the God-given gifts and acquired knowledge that defines purpose to help others attain increased success.

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