Melanin Nation NFT is a collection honoring beautiful, powerful, melanated women worldwide. This collection is a reflection of African American women and is intended to inspire self-love, female empowerment, and a desire to contribute to the good in the world.


Owners of a Melanin Nation NFT will gain access to unlockable content that includes literary art, a 4k video, and PFP, in addition to exclusive Metaverse access.  

Most importantly, owning a Melanin Nation NFT assists in the efforts to end poverty and human trafficking while uplifting women through the evolution of art.

Melanin Nation NFT will be unveiled in a series of 4 drops. You are now experiencing the "Queen Collection" which will introduce 15 powerful women to the world of Web3 over the next few weeks - with SO MUCH more to come!

Expect WEEKLY airdrops, a guided journey through the inception of the Melanin Nation, as well as visually and mentally stimulating creations to pull you into the power and excitement of the tribe.

Be sure to follow @Melaninn_NFTs and @YnobeCrypto on Twitter for unannounced NFT Giveaways, and join our Discord for alpha and art not available to the public!

Collect Melanin Nation NFT 1/1 Exclusive pieces


Las Vegas, NV
Contributing Blogger 

Las Vegas, NV
Featured Poet Oct/Nov 2020
Featured “Heart to Heart” Writer Jan 2021

Atlanta, GA
Speaker, "Heroes for Hope" Benefit Dinner 2019

As one of the featured speakers for Hope Atlanta's Heroes for Hope Dinner, I was fortunate enough to share my testimony of going from homelessness to author and motivator, with a room of Georgia's most well-known philanthropists. Thank you for allowing me to inspire you and share in your passion for giving back. I also connected with some amazing people within the Hope Atlanta Organization. With this and all things, to GOD be the GLORY.